Holidays are often the only period of detachment from the daily routine. There areperiod of detaches from the daily routine. with the absolute relax, however there are people who live the holiday time as an opportunity to practice more intensively their sporting passions. In Port Rafael both of these philosophies of holiday can be realized.

Walks, run

The morning and late in the afternoon the flowered and scented paths of Porto Rafael are perfect for quiet walks or runs.

Tennis Courts

In Porto Rafael and its surroundings there are tennis courts. The tennis court of Porto Rafael is located in the proximity of the beautiful beach Punta Stroppello.

Bike, Mountain bike

Porto Rafael, Palau e Caprera offer many routes to those who have good legs and want to fill their eyes of nature.

Aquatic sports

Swimming – Snorkelling – scuba – bracing walks

If the small coves are particularly appreciated by enthusiasts of snorkelling and scuba diving, confirmed swimmers and apprentices swimmers will find among the many beaches of Porto Rafael and its surroundings the best meeting their requirements. There is a great choice of beaches gently plunging in the sea for people wishing to tone up with beautiful walks in the sea.

Windsurfing and kite surfing

Windsurfing can be practiced on Sardinia almost everywhere. Port Rafael is located in a strategic position. Actually from Porto Rafael it takes about 7/8 Minutes to reach by car the isola dei Gabbiani, the most famous spot of Sardinia to kite surfing and windsurfing.

The sailing school of Caprera and the schools of sailing and catamaran in the vicinity of Porto Rafael

On Caprera is based the most renowned sailing school of the Mediterranean basin. This very prestigious school asks her students a total commitment. It is mainly frequented by teenagers and young people. If you don’t want to experience the almost military regime of this school, if you simply want take a sailing course without to renounce of a relax vacation, you can take sailing and catamaran s courses at both the schools of the Isola dei Gabbiani and Capo d’Orso witch are no far from Porto Rafael.

Ports and docking Points

The small Harbour(Porticciolo) of Punta Stroppello (Y.C.P.R. – Yacht Club Porto Rafael) – Diving centre

A unique place for architecture and charm which can also receive large boats.

  • Coordinate: YACHT CLUB PORTO RAFAEL – 41°11’,76 N 09°21’,80 E
  • Boat seats: 70 including 5 for boats up to ‘ 40 m in length.
  • Rental of boats, diving centre.
  • Ottavio Pincioni offres an excellent service and grate hospitality.
  • Water, electricity (220-380), shower and bathroom, bar.
  • Information: Ottavio Pincioni

The small Port of Punta Stroppello is even the logistics base of the trophy Mario Formenton held each year on 20 August. All boats and crews with at least 3 elements are allowed. For information and

The Baia of Nelson (Port Rafael) docking point

In this Bay, that is close to the houses of MadAboutSardinia, there is a wharf in wood for small boats.

  • Coordinate: PORTO RAFAEL – 41°11’,57 N 09°21’,92 E

Tourist harbour of Palau

The port of Palau is very large . Part of the port is reserved for the Navy. The touristic port is equipped for pleasure craft and has 400 places for boats up to 18 m long.

  • Coordinate PALAU 41°10’,93 N 09°23’,30 E
  • Detailed informations on the characteristics of the .
  • Information: 0789.708435 – fax 335.7700486