If you feel like going on a special holiday to an exceptional location, Porto Rafael is the right place for you. The old city hall of Porto Rafael was once the house of Rafael Neville, Count of Berlanga, who was a Spanish nobleman and artist. On the façade of his house you can read „Sognare è vivere“ – „Dreaming is living“, a motto which inspired Rafael Neville to create this place in 1959, which was named after him.

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The pathway from the tiny church of Saint Rita, (which Rafael himself dedicated to the patron saint of artists), all the way to the “Piazzetta”, is laid out with Sardinian granite. This path is known as „Discesa del Conte“, the “Rise of the Count”. It is an excellent example of the blending of architecture and nature. The Piazzezza, with its unique view of the Archipelago of La Maddalena, its old city hall with Italian and Spanish flags and its elegant but leisurely bar, Gatto Volpa, is a peaceful meeting point perfect for relaxation.

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Porto Rafael is so strongly influenced by Rafael Neville’s taste for beauty and respect for nature, that it’s flair can be appreciated to this very day in all the houses of Proto Rafael. All this has given Porto Rafael it’s most unique peaceful and charming character.

The houses of Porto Rafael are located on an area of 150 hectares which is operated by the association of the property owners of Porto Rafael. The houses are either hidden under the “macchia”, the romantically wind eroded cliffs, or they are built like the houses Ginestra and Erica – which are barely visible from the sea.

The associate of property owners of Porto Rafael has always complied with the original philosophy of its founder. For this reason you will to this day not find any of the typical resorts so common of mass tourism. You will not find hotels or shopping centres, but only private homes, one small grocery and deli, one perfume shop which also sells international newspapers and tobacco, a small restaurant, the church of St Rita, the wonderful harbour of Punta Stroppello and last but not least the Piazzetta, with its bar Gatto Volpa, some boutiques and jewellers.

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Porto Rafael has everything you need for your vacation. If you are looking for an open market with many Sardinian products and specialties, shops, restaurants and services of every sort, you can visit Palau, a village only a few minutes away from Porto Rafael.
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Porto Rafael makes safety, a quiet atmosphere, a healthy environment and the protection of privacy a priority for all it’s guests.

You can only be located in Porto Rafael if this is explicitly your wish since all street names and house numbers are missing in order to protect privacy and maintain a quiet atmosphere.

At the entrance of Porto Rafael you will be greeted by a guard. The eight guards of Porto Rafael are actually 8 guardian angels that – thanks to their detailed knowledge of the town – protect the houses of Porto Rafael and their guest day and night all year around.